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An Important update:

I am taking this opportunity to announce the closing of my massage practice.  Due to family illness, I am now helping to provide care for an aging relative, and will no longer be available to my clients for massage therapy.

I have truly enjoyed meeting and working with my wonderful Roseville clients, and you will all remain in my memory with great fondness.  Thank you for being loyal clients.

And a special thank you to the lovely ladies at Balance Beauty Bliss - it has been such a pleasure working with you all.

***Please note:  if you have an outstanding package or gift certificate, contact me at your earliest convenience to schedule your service.  I will be in office until Octbober 31, 2019.***



Specializing in Manual Lymph Drainage, Customized Deep Tiss​ue, Swedish, Sport/Sport Stretching and Pre-Natal Massage modalities

Manual Lymph Drainage​

If you are suffering from an accumulation of fluid in one or more of your extremities as a result of surgery, illness or injury, then a series of Manual Lymph Drainage massages, either alone or along with CDT,  can help reduce fluid and restore mobility.

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Deep Tissue Massage​

Do you have a high-stress life?  Work at a computer, stand on your feet, do heavy lifting, driving, teaching, meetings - all those things that can create tight, cramped, painful muscle tension?  Then sometimes deeper massage can be the answer.

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All manner of athletes, whether casual or pro, need to be aware of proper after care.  Massage can help in healing sore or damaged tissue, aid in rehabilitation, and keep muscles supple and balanced for optimal performance.

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