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Balance and Restore

Massage therapy can do many things.  Release from muscle tension, de-stress from frantic work/home life, restore flexibility , increase circulation to muscles and joints challenged by strenuous exercise, and de-congest limbs from accumulated fluids resulting from injury, surgery or illness.  Massage can be a useful tool to enable you to enjoy a fuller, happier day-to-day life. 

Specializing in Manual Lymph Drainage, Customized Deep Tiss​ue, Swedish, Sport/Sport Stretching and Pre-Natal Massage modalities

Manual Lymph Drainage​

If you are suffering from an accumulation of fluid in one or more of your extremities as a result of surgery, illness or injury, then a series of Manual Lymph Drainage massages, either alone or along with CDT,  can help reduce fluid and restore mobility.

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Deep Tissue Massage​

Do you have a high-stress life?  Work at a computer, stand on your feet, do heavy lifting, driving, teaching, meetings - all those things that can create tight, cramped, painful muscle tension?  Then sometimes deeper massage can be the answer.

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All manner of athletes, whether casual or pro, need to be aware of proper after care.  Massage can help in healing sore or damaged tissue, aid in rehabilitation, and keep muscles supple and balanced for optimal performance.

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