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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue massage is a form of therapy that utilizes  deeper, firmer strokes to reach areas of tension, knots or adhesions in muscles and connective tissues.  Generally not considered a "spa" like treatment, deep tissue massage is preferred by clients who are experiencing muscle pain or stiffness, limited range of motion, rehabilitating from injury, postural problems or back and neck pain.  Unlike a Swedish massage, with deep tissue massage therapists will often use their elbows, forearms, knuckles or thumbs to access areas of muscle tension or restriction, and focus the massage on specific areas of concern.

While deep tissue massage can be uncomfortable, the client can always let their therapist know if the discomfort is too much.  This will allow the therapist to adjust technique, or recommend shorter, more frequent sessions. Some soreness or stiffness is common after deep tissue massage, but clients often rank deep tissue massage more effective in managing muscle pain and stiffness compared to other forms of treatment or drugs.

Your massage therapist will conduct a pre-treatment interview to determine if you have any health issues or contraindications that may preclude you having this form of massage therapy.