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Sport Massage and Stretching

Whether you are a weekend warrior or professional athlete, regular massage therapy can be one of your best tools for enhanced performance.  Athletes may experience repetitive stress injuries, sprains/strains, muscle tightness or soreness while participating in their chosen sport.  Massage therapy can help alleviate or even eliminate many of these conditions, especially if used within a comprehensive training program.  Your massage therapist can work with your trainer, physical therapist or physician to help keep you in optimum shape. 

Focused stretching sessions can also be an integral part of your overall sports training program.  15-30 minutes of sport-specific stretching can improve your overall range of motion, and greatly reduce the chance of injury.   A pre- event stretching session will also enhance mobility and performance during your event, and a relaxing post-event massage can release tension and lactic build-up, and promote healing .